Bill Fairies Gift Vouchers Pay Bills!

Charities & Not for Profit

Does your organisation support people who need help paying their bills? People doing it tough, suffering loss or going through a crisis? Everybody goes through hard times and one thing that never stops during times of difficulty, are the bills.

Bill Fairies provides a channel for charities to provide as needed support directly to clients, ensuring charity dollars are well spent, while maintaining a flexible, yet high governance giving environment.

What does a Bill Fairies gift voucher do?

Bill Fairies gift vouchers pay bills. Using the BPAY facility, Bill Fairies gift vouchers pay over 21,000 different bills. Voucher holders can pay bills from thousands of different billers across hundreds of different categories including:

  • utilities
  • phone and internet
  • school fees and education
  • home and car repairs
  • moving and relocation
  • tolls and transport
  • and so much more!

Bill Fairies gift vouchers do not pay discretionary fees such as adult services, gambling services,
credit cards, retail, debt collections, investments or financial contributions.

Conscious Giving



$25 TO $1,500


Support with Dignity

Bill Fairies gift vouchers present the perfect way to provide someone with assistance, while preserving self-determination, dignity and respect. No matter the circumstances, your gift will always be useful as the bills never stop coming. 

If your organisation would like to help people and give them peace of mind through difficult times, then a Bill Fairies gift voucher is the perfect solution.

Suitable for All Charities

Whether you have a small client base or support thousands of people, you can request as many vouchers as you like through one simple order. Alternatively for our gifting partners, we can set up an automated payment process for ordering and tracking vouchers.

How to Purchase Vouchers

Complete this Application and Verification form to establish your account and purchase Bill Fairies vouchers whenever you need, in whatever quantities you require.

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We look forward to making your clients’ bills disappear!

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